• What happens to my pension? Cottage? Business?
  • How am I going to get through this?
  • When will I stop feeling sad? Ashamed?
  • How will we split everything?
  • How will we tell the children?
  • What will everyone think?
  • What about the kids?
  • Does it have to be a big court battle?
  • Do we have to sell the house?
  • How am I going to pay the bills?
Credentials & Experience

President of Collaborative Practice Ottawa

B.A. McGill University - History and Political Science

LL. L University of Ottawa - Civil Law

LL. B. University of Ottawa - Common La w

B.A. McGill University - Canadian Studies

The Collaborative Advtange

James Jeffcott

I am a partner at Low, Murchison LLP, practicing primarily in family law and general litigation. I am a trained mediator and an advocate/practitioner of alternative dispute resolution methods, where it is possible. I am a founding member of the Collaborative Practice Ottawa.

I believe strongly in helping families to find resolutions to their conflicts between themselves in a way that works for the whole family. I believe that the CFL process is the best way to accomplish that goal, where it is available. Our downtown offices can be found at the corner of MacLaren and Kent. Street parking is available with meters in front of the building and without meters on the next block. Our western office is located just north of the Queensway (Hwy 417) at the Pinecrest exit. Parking is available and is free.

I have been elected as President of the group, currently. I served as the Treasurer until 2009.

When it comes to resolving Family

Law Disputes it is not about winning

or losing, it is about doing what is

best for the whole family.

— James Jeffcott

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